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What We Do​​​​

The AYA Program provides personalized, supportive care related to concerns common to young adults with cancer at Princess Margaret. These concerns include fertility, sexual health, school and work concerns, peer support, and wellness. For Princess Margaret patients age 39 or younger, the AYA Program can:

  • Identify your individual needs
  • Provide education and support
  • Link you to other community and hospital services and resources
  • Help you connect to other patients​

How to Get Referred

Referrals to the AYA Program can be made by:
  • Health care providers. Refer a Princess Margaret AYA patient to the program by contacting the AYA office directly, by email or fax. eFax referrals to 416 946 2069. UHN referrals through EPIC.
  • Patients. If you are a Princess Margaret patient, you can self-refer to the program anytime by emailing

AYA Program contact cards are also located in all clinic areas and in the Patient & Family Library. Learn more about the Princess Margaret Patient & Family Library »

How Long Does a Referral Take?

The AYA Program will contact you with your appointment time. Email the AYA office if you do not receive information about your appointment within a few weeks.​

AYA Resources

Approximately 1,500 adolescents and young adults (ages 15 to 39) are diagnosed with cancer each year at Princess Margaret. It is important to realize that these patients have unique psychosocial needs and concerns that need to be addressed. Click on a topic below to learn more and access related resources.

AYA Education Videos

Find educational videos, documentaries, and lectures that cover a variety of AYA topics like fertility, mental health, and palliative care.


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          The Team​

          Headshot of Abha Gupta Dr. Abha GuptaMedical Director, AYA Program
          Headshot of Marlie Smith Marlie SmithInterim Clinical Nurse Specialist
          Headshot of Jennifer Catsburg Jennifer Catsburg
          (On Leave)
          Clinical Nurse Specialist
          Headshot of Luxshiga Premakumar Luxshiga PremakumarProgram Coordinator
          Headshot of Emily Barca Emily Barca​Social Worker
          Headshot of Chana Korenblum Dr. Chana KorenblumPhysician, Psychosocial Oncology
          Headshot of Kim Edelstein Dr. Kim EdelsteinClinical Neuropsychologist
          Headshot of Ahmed Al-Awamer Dr. Ahmed Al-AwamerPhysician, Palliative Care
          Headshot of Dr. Pamela Mosher Dr. Pamela MosherPsychiatrist
          Headshot of Dr. Norma D'Agostino Dr. Norma D'AgostinoClinical Psychologist
          Headshot of Dr. Aliza Panjwani Dr. Aliza PanjwaniClinical Psychologist
          Headshot of Dr. Jonathan Avery Dr. Jonathan AveryPsychosocial Researcher
          Headshot of Dr. Scott Adams Dr. Scott AdamsKinesiologist
          Headshot of Sharon D'Souza Sharon D'SouzaPOGO/AYA School and Work Transitions Counsellor​

          AYA Newslet​ters

          Latest edition: March 2023

          Image of the AYA Program logo  

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          • AYA Yoga: March 16
          • AYA Meet Up: March 22​

          Past editions:


          ​About AYA Meet-Ups

          The AYA Meet-Ups are facilitated meet-up sessions for young adults under 39 with any type of cancer. Supporters (friends, family and partners) are welcome.​​ At this time, the meet-up is run as a virtual monthly event.


          Registration is required by phone or email. Call 416 946 4501 ext. 3547 or email​ to register and receive the meeting link.​​​​

          Personal Stories

          Read Stories from AYA Community Members 

          Alyssa's Story: My Life - Living With Multiple Myeloma

          Alyssa headshot  

          I have been living with multiple myeloma for 10 years now, but what makes my story unique is I am only 42 years old. It is possible to live a full life, even when you are diagnosed with an incurable cancer at 32.

          Continue reading Alyssa's story »

          Emily's Story: Reaching New Goals

          Emily with her husband at Run for the Cure  

          I was 27 and had just moved to Toronto to pursue my legal career and finally live with my husband. We were married the year before and living long-distance while I was in law school. On August 26, 2015, I had to put my career on hold to endure a year of treatments for triple positive, stage three breast cancer.

          Continue reading Emily's story »

          Dory's Story: Focusing on the Positives

          Dory Kashin and her husband on their wedding day  

          Dory Kashin remembers "complete shock" when she got her cancer diagnosis. At 29, she was established in a busy career as an event planner, enjoying living in Toronto, and in a committed relationship with her boyfriend of two years.

          Continue reading Dory's story »

          Adriana's Story: "It’s just cancer; I’m going to be all right."

          Adriana Lombardo, acute lymphoblastic leukemia survivor, wearing black dress  

          I was seventeen and in Grade 12 when I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). It was December 1, 2014, a Monday morning, when I was trying out for soccer and the coach told us to run some laps.

          Continue reading Adriana's story »

          Brandon's Story: Finding My New Normal

          headshot of Brandon, brain cancer survivor  

          Before cancer I was living the dream. I was 26, had a great job, amazing friends, a supportive family, and was living in downtown Toronto. I had a clear sense of where I was and where I was headed.

          Continue reading Brandon's story »

          Julia's Story: Joyful in Hope

          Julia, diagnosed with epithelial ovarian cancer, sitting with husband Andy in front of fireplace  

          Being diagnosed with epithelial ovarian cancer at the age of 26 was not the fertility clinic outcome I was hoping for. My husband and I had been trying for a year and a half when we received this shocking news.

          Continue reading Julia's story »

          Suzanne's Story

          Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor Suzanne Urpecz and her husband on their wedding day  

          2016 was supposed to be the year we were going to buy a house and start a family of our own. We had recently returned from a trip to Australia in the spring when I received my diagnosis - Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I was shocked and deeply saddened.

          Continue reading Suzanne's story »

          The C Word: Young Adults Talk About Living with Cancer video series

          C-Word video series where young adults talk about life with cancer  

          ​Seven young adult cancer survivors candidly answer questions about life, being young, and having cancer in this video series. Featuring Stephanie Sliekers, Carolyn Van, Kyla Demarco, Vinesha Ramasamy, Thomas Cantley, Alyssa Whiteman, and Peter Laneas.

          Watch The C Word video series »

          UHN and Princess Margaret Patient Stories​

          Dory Kashin and her husband on their wedding day

          Dory Kashin and her now husband were forced to think about family planning early on in their relationship when Dory was diagnosed with breast cancer two years into dating. Learn how the Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) Oncology Program at Princess Margaret helped her navigate her diagnosis.

          Sabrina Fuoco sitting in a restaurant

          Five-time cancer survivor Sabrina Fuoco shares her remarkable story in this four part series.

          Laurie Tucker and Kevin LeNeve holding their Michael Kamin Hart Award certificates

          Laurie Tucker, Wig Salon Specialist and Kevin LeNeve, Radiation Therapist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, are the 2015 recipients of the Michael Kamin Hart Award for Excellence in Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Care.

          Carolyn wearing black tank top

          "One of the reasons cancer is so difficult for young people is because you're at a point in your life when you're still growing and evolving, and trying to figure out who you are."

          Adriana Lombardo standing with her arm around her mom

          Adriana Lombardo had plans: to attend high school graduation, to spend a post-grad trip in Spain and to start school at George Brown College in September.

          A young patient standing with Shawn Mendes

          The AYA program recently hosted a Look Good Feel Good event for young adult patients on Jan. 21. 

          Michael Kamin Hart standing outside

          Vibrant, intelligent and compassionate – Michael Kamin Hart was diagnosed with lymphoma and passed away on June 5, 2011 at the age of 25. His family created the Michael Kamin Hart Award for Excellence in Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Care in his honour.

          Person writing in a notebook  

          Share Your Story

          Are you a patient, family member, caregiver or friend who is willing to share your personal cancer story? We want to hear from you! Email for more information.


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