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Body Image

Cancer treatment can change how you feel about yourself.

You may start to notice changes in your physical appearance, abilities, interests, and values. It is normal to become more self-aware of the physical changes that occur (i.e., hair loss, weight changes, weakness, fatigue), and become concerned that you may not be able to do certain activities and exercises to the same extent anymore.

There are several programs that can connect you to the right people. You may have concerns and questions about how you feel about yourself and your body. Services may be available to help you get back on track with how you are feeling about yourself.

Below is a list of programs and services that aim to address body image concerns and issues.


Look Good Feel Better
Wig Salon & Accessories Boutique

Supports and Services​

Lymphatic Self-Massage
Mastectomy Lingerie - Canada's Online Mastectomy Shop
Uncovered: A Breast Recognition Project

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