​​At UHN, the safety of patients, visitors, staff, learners and volunteers is a priority. That's why our Security Operations team offers the Walk-Safe Program, which provides a security guard escort to ensure patients, visitors, staff, learners and volunteers get to and from UHN sites safely.

Through the Walk-Safe Program, a security guard can escort any patient, visitor, or TeamUHN member to and/or from:

  • Adjoining hospitals through the tunnel system along University Ave. (i.e. SickKids, Mount Sinai, Princess Margaret, Toronto Rehab)
  • Parking lots, TTC stations or taxi stands that are close by
  • Isolated areas

Walk-Safe is available at all UHN sites (Michener, Princess Margaret, Toronto General, Toronto Rehab, Toronto Western).

Please note: Security guards will not escort patients from units to external areas to smoke.

How to book the Walk-Safe Program

  1. Speak to your health care team and ask them to book you a Walk-Safe escort through UHN's Security Operations.​
  2. You will need to provide your full name, location (building, wing, floor and room number) and destination.
  3. Wait for your UHN security guard to arrive and safely escort you to your destination.

Booking Walk-Safe for TeamUHN

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