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AYA Educational Videos

Find educational videos, documentaries, and lectures that cover a variety of AYA topics like fertility, mental health, and palliative care.

AYA Webinar Recordings

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Cancer and Fertility: Unfiltered

Webinar series hosted by Mount Sinai Fertility, Women's College Hospital, and Princess Margaret AYA and Psychosocial Oncology programs.

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Lymphoma Canada AYA Speaker Series

Hear from the team at the Princess Margaret AYA Program in this series of webinars moderated by Lymphoma Canada.

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Young Adults with Cancer - Short Documentary Series

This six-part documentary series is about the experience of younger adults whose lives have been affected by cancer.

Part 1: Diagnosis and Disruptions
Part 2: Mental Health and Its Stigma
Part 3: Getting Psychosocial Support
Part 4: What Palliative Care Really Is
Part 5: Talking About Death
Part 6: Grief and Loss

Understanding Grief - Short Lecture Series

Grief is the psychological response to any loss. In this five-part lecture series, learn more about grief from Dr. Pamela Mosher, Psychiatrist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Lecture 1: Why Grief Is Not Just About Death
Lecture 2: Anticipatory Grief
Lecture 3: Disenfranchised Grief
Lecture 4: Grief After Death
Lecture 5: Grieving Is Not a Linear or Stage-Based Process

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