​​This website can be translated into many languages using the Google Translate tool. The purpose of this tool is to give patients, caregivers and families who speak other languages a way to access information on the website.

The University Health Network is not responsible for the accuracy of translations performed using the Google Translate tool. Google Translate is a third-party automated translator and may make mistakes or have inconsistencies. By using the Google Translate tool, you assume all risks for mistakes, inconsistencies and inaccuracies of the tool. The Google Translate tool does not translate PDFs or text embedded in images. Screen readers and other assistive devices may also be unable to read translated text.

The University Health Network is able to offer website translation as part of a pilot service from Google Translate. Website translations will be available as long as the service is offered by Google Translate and may be discontinued at any time.

Notice for languages that read right to left:
Phone numbers and email addresses may be altered when translated into a language that reads right to left. For example, Propoer phone number format may be displayed as flipped phone number in right to left languages by the Google Translate tool.

Interpreters and Translation Services at UHN

UHN also offer services to provide care for you in your first language or to help you translate your medical records.

  • You can access a medical interpreter for free if you prefer to speak with your health care team in your first language.
  • Some educational materials in the Patient & Family Learning Centres/Libraries are available in several languages

Learn about available language services at UHN »

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