Research Innovation at UHN

UHN is Canada’s largest research hospital and has a proud history of innovative research and important discoveries. Researchers at UHN are focused on investigating the causes of numerous diseases and are developing new and better ways to treat them and deliver better care. Focuses of research include cancer, cardiology, transplantation, immunology, infectious disease, health services, rehabilitation, fitness and mobility, neural and visual sciences, musculoskeletal disease and community and population health.

UHN's Executive Vice President, Science and Research is Dr. Brad Wouters.

 Research Trainees

UHN is home to more than 1,000 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and is fully affiliated with the University of Toronto. Research trainees are provided an outstanding environment for academic and professional development. For more information about trainees at UHN, please visit the Office of Research Trainees website.

 Research Ethics

The Research Ethics Board at UHN exists to ensure that all research involving human participants conducted within the jurisdiction or under the auspices of meets the highest standards of ethical conduct to protect patients, investigators and the institution. For more information, please visit the Research Ethics Board website.

 Research Website

UHN is Canada's largest research hospital and pursues a clinically relevant program of research that spans the spectrum from basic discovery research to translational research to clinical research. For more information about research at UHN, please visit the UHN Research website.

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