7/10/2024Researchers build first-ever molecular atlas of blood vessels and their cells, genes, and pathways in the human brain, across early brain development, adulthood and disease
2/1/2024UHN and YouTube Health join forces to deliver trusted health information to Canadians
1/23/2024A 'radically different' way of looking at Parkinson's disease
1/22/2024UHN shows why it's Canada's No. 1 hospital in very first brand campaign
6/2/2023UHN partners with Providence Therapeutics to develop new mRNA medicines
5/15/2023Study using novel approach for glioblastoma treatment shows promising results, extending survival
5/10/2023Younger men at highest risk of cardiovascular hospitalizations after COVID-19, highlighting growing disparity between the sexes
5/5/2023UHN joins forces with Mayo Clinic and leading global partners to harness the power of data to transform patient care
4/19/2023Researchers identify a potential new therapeutic target in Parkinson's disease
4/11/2023Takeda licenses small molecule developed by researchers at UHN's Krembil Brain Institute, targeting tau protein implicated in Alzheimer's disease
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