Patient Partnerships

UHN is committed to being engaged, collaborative and responsive to what matters most to patients. Engaging with patients and family caregivers as partners is key to our success.

We engage patient and family caregivers directly in their care, by sharing information and partnering with them at the level they choose with dignity, respect and compassion. See UHN's Patient Declaration of Values here.

UHN has developed programs that support patients, staff and leaders to partner and work together meaningfully toward common goals that are aimed at improving quality and safety. By understanding patient and family caregiver experiences of care, preferences and needs allows us to build compassionate and responsive care at UHN. 

Why Get Involved?

Partnering with UHN will help to shape the care and service we offer our patients and caregivers. Through our program you can:

  • Share your thoughts and ideas
  • Contribute to patient and staff safety
  • Contribute to organizational change and transformation
  • Work with staff to help improve care and service
  • Learn about the experience of others
  • Take part in skill-building activities 

If you are patient or family caregiver of UHN, partner with us by:

  1. Becoming a Patient Partner: Work meaningfully and directly with UHN staff through a variety of activities.
  2. Joining UHN's Virtual Patient Focus Group: Offer your feedback and opinions online, from anywhere.

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