​​​​​​​​Professional nursing practice at UHN is dynamic, innovative and stimulating. Our professional practice model continues to evolve.

Nurses at UHN play a central, vital role in the provision of care. They have the opportunity to contribute to improvement initiatives, design their own research projects, and to update their practice. Nurses are also asked for their thoughts and ideas about practice and participate in unit-based Professional Nursing Practice Councils (PNPC). Representatives from the councils meet six times a year at UHN PNPC meetings in an advisory capacity to provide leadership in developing processes and systems to support professional nursing practice at UHN.

Professional Practice Model

Our professional practice model is based, of course, on quality patient care while fostering a sense of professional pride and autonomy in the workplace. Council members play a key role in assisting staff to understand, integrate, and communicate professional nursing practice at UHN.

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