Education for nursing staff is encouraged and supported at UHN. Professional Development Leaders and our Advanced Practice Nurse Educators are integral to the process. Professional development leaders coordinate programs that are accessed by all nursing staff across all sites; Advanced practice nurse educators are aligned with specific units and focus on continuous improvement in clinical practice through the design and implementation of educational programs that enhance the knowledge and skills of nursing staff along the learning continuum of novice to expert.

Nursing staff also participate in interprofessional education facilitated by various members of the health professions.


As a new employee, you can expect to participate in a well-organized, comprehensive, competency-based orientation program that acknowledges and builds on your previously acquired knowledge and skills.

Your orientation will consist of a general orientation that includes classroom sessions, hands-on practice in the skill lab, completion of applicable e-learning modules, computer training, and clinical time on the unit. The content is applicable to all nurses new to UHN.

A unit-specific orientation also takes place in the clinical area and is supported by a designated mentor, your unit's Advanced Practice Nurse Educator, and your Nurse Manager. The length of this orientation varies from unit to unit and is always based on the needs of the new employee.

Continuing Education & Professional Development

UHN is located close to several academic institutions in the Toronto area, and many nurses take advantage of this proximity to enrol in degree and certificate programs. Some courses are offered on-site throughout the academic year. Financial assistance is available through a tuition reimbursement program from Human Resources, as well as through a nursing scholarship program and through unit-based professional councils that manage professional development funds. Nurses are also sponsored for a number of full-time programs such as critical care nursing and operating room nursing. Sponsorship includes tuition support and salary for their duration.

There are many professional development opportunities available to nurses at UHN. These include nursing-related in-services, clinical updates, and computer classes, as well as programs sponsored by Human Resources. Nurses are supported through unit-based educational funds to pursue external opportunities, such as conferences and workshops.

In collaboration with the de Souza Institute, we provide oncology-related education opportunities.


UHN provides about 1,300 clinical placements for nursing students a year and welcomes students from local nursing programs, as well as students from universities across North America and around the world. Clinical experiences take place in a wide variety of settings, including inpatient tertiary care, ambulatory clinics and short stay units.

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Placement requests must be submitted through the placement office of the academic institution. All placement requests are reviewed and considered based on the unit or clinic's ability to accommodate. Please contact Nursing Education directly for further information.


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