As of July 5, 2023, wearing a mask is optional in most public areas of UHN hospitals. This includes areas like lobbies, hallways, elevators, food courts, at nursing stations and in staff-only areas.*

Masks are still welcome in all spaces where they are not required. The choice to wear a mask will be respected and supported.

Masks are still required:

  • During all direct patient care and contact.
    • This applies to patients, visitors, Essential Care Partners (ECPs) and health care providers during all care encounters.
    • Applies to patients, visitors and ECPs during visits in an inpatient room.
  • In all waiting rooms.
    • This includes all outpatient clinics, medical imaging and lab waiting areas, the Emergency Department and dialysis waiting rooms.*
  • In all areas of high-risk inpatient units, including:
    • Princess Margaret Cancer Centre: 14 A/B/C and 15 A/B/C
    • Toronto General Hospital: 6 Eaton South, 6A Munk, 7 A/B Munk
  • In all areas of the following high-risk outpatient care areas:
    • Allogeneic and Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant Day Units
    • Systemic Therapy (Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy) Unit
    • Malignant Hematology Day Unit

In addition to being optional in public areas like lobbies, elevators, and lounges, masks are also now optional in common spaces on most inpatient units. This includes hallways, at nursing/team stations or communication stations, and in charting, break and meeting rooms.

Read a Q&A with Dr. Susy Hota on updating our mask policy.

* These are examples and not a complete listing. Please follow mask guidelines posted in the area you are visiting or instructions from hospital staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is UHN changing its masking policy again?

Community transmission of and hospitalizations from COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses are currently low. The decision was made based on consistently low transmission rates. We closely monitor COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses and will adjust our policy if needed.

Can I wear my own mask for my appointment or when I’m visiting someone?

UHN-approved medical masks will be available at all entrances, outpatient clinics and inpatient units.

If you arrive at UHN wearing an N95 or KN95 mask, you can continue to wear it. If you are wearing a cloth face covering or a disposable mask, please remove it and put on a new medical mask.

What about mask exemptions?

If you are a patient who has a legitimate medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, contact your UHN doctor or nurse practitioner's office before your first appointment.

If your exemption is approved, you will receive a Face Mask Exemption Form. Bring your approved exemption form with you to the hospital, as you will be asked to show it by hospital staff. You will be given a face shield to wear instead.

If you have questions or health concerns about wearing a mask, please let your health care team know before arriving for your appointment.

Mask exemptions are not available for visitors or Essential Care Partners.

Who do I contact with questions?

Your health care team, clinic staff, or unit manager is your first point of contact for questions about masking.

If you still have questions, you may contact Patient Relations.

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