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​​Virtual Learning Readiness

Team UHN's online self-assessment will help you identify your confidence in a variety of digital scenarios and help you find tailored resources that will boost your digital skills.

Virtual Training Checklist

Before attending any virtual training, including Epic training, you must:

  1. Set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) (if not already setup)
  2. Ensure you have the following:
    • A desktop computer or a laptop that is either UHN-managed (i.e., provided to you for your work) or your own. Note: mobile devices including iPads, tablets, and cell phones are not supported.
    • If you are using a UHN-managed desktop computer or laptop, no software installation is required.
    • If you are using a personal or non UHN-managed desktop computer or laptop, you will need to install the following required software for virtual training:
    • Google Chrome (required web browser for personal or non UHN-managed devices as others may not function correctly during setup and training)
    • Microsoft Teams Desktop App (desktop app as the web application does not have all required features for training)
    • Citrix Workspace for Windows or Citrix Workspace for Mac (required to access training environments for the clinical applications)
      MacOS: Citrix Workspace for Mac is only compatible with the following MacOS versions: MacOS 10.15 Catalina, MacOS 11 Big Sur, MacOS 12 Monterey. If using an older Mac computer that is unable to upgrade to a compatible MacOS, you will need to find another device for training.  For Epic training, visit the Synapse website regarding onsite workstations.
      Citrix: Once installed, the Citrix Workspace will run in the background of your computer. No log in is required for the Citrix application, you will log in through the UHN Clinical Application Portal. If the Citrix Workspace window is open on your computer and prompting for a log in, no action is required and it can be minimized.
      Hyperspace: Hyperspace does not need to be installed on your computer. All training will be completed via the UHN Clinical Application Portal. Guidance will be provided during class.
    • A full keyboard and mouse (working from a laptop trackpad and keyboard for an entire class may be uncomfortable)
    • Two-way communication. Using personal headphones or earbuds with a microphone will meet this requirement, as well as stand-alone speakers or microphones. Audio equipment will not be provided, even when using UHN devices.
    • A reliable internet connection (5mbps download/2mbps upload or higher is recommended)
    • Quiet, distraction-free location
    • Comfortable chair
    • A second monitor is beneficial, but not required
    • Ensure the scaling and layout of your monitors are set to 100% (Right‐click on your desktop > Select Display settings > Under Scale and layout, make sure 100% is selected)
  3. If accessing training through MyLearning, log in to test that your MyLearning ID and password are working

Note: for more detailed instructions on Virtual Training setup, refer to the Checklist Step-by-Step Guideor the Virtual Training Checklist video. For MSH Staff, see the MSH Managed Computer Checklist.

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