Intro to EPR

All employees requiring Electronic Patient Record (EPR) access must complete the Intro to EPR eLearning.

This course should also be completed as a pre-requisite for a facilitated workshop or on-unit training with a designated department Expert User. To register for a facilitated workshop, be referred to a designated department Expert User, or for questions, please contact Digital Education.

Role-specific eLearning is also required for some roles. An option will appear at the end of Intro to EPR, directing the following to further training:

  • Providers/Prescriber (Physician, Dentist, Nurse Practitioner), Medical Learner (Medical Student, Resident, Clinical Fellow, Physician Assistant Trainee, Dental Resident/Fellow) Nurse Practitioner Learner, Nursing (Registered Nurse, Registered Practical Nurse, Nurse Learner), Pharmacists (does not include Pharmacist Learners), and Speech Language Pathologists (includes Speech Language Pathology Learners).

Attention all Learners (for clinical placement), you must register in UMLearns, UHN’s Learner registration database, before completing EPR training so that your completion results will be loaded into UMLearns. Learners should confirm with their supervisors if they need more than Chart Review (read-only) access prior to completing any role-specific modules.

How do I get started?

Select the link below to begin the course. Please note, loading may be slower during peak times:


Select the link below for a resource to help support you as you work in EPR:

Program Components

Declaration Form
Once you have completed your eLearning, submit the Declaration Form. This will appear at the end of the Intro to EPR eLearning for non-role-specific Learners. For those also required to complete role-specific eLearning, the Declaration Form will appear at the end of their additional eLearning. This Declaration Form is your electronic signature confirming that you have completed all eLearning necessary for access. Follow all instructions given to you in the eLearning course regarding next steps or your EPR access may be delayed. Follow all instructions given to you in the eLearning course regarding next steps or your EPR access may be delayed.

Launch the EPR eManual which contains an extensive list of help topics on the EPR system.