Patient Partner Program

The Patient Partner Program is a community of patients and caregivers who are interested in contributing their experiences and expertise to improving and transforming healthcare.

We recruit patients and caregivers into the role of a Patient Partner to work directly with staff on specific UHN initiatives, committees and activities that enhance and improve UHN's quality and safety of care. Patients and caregivers can provide knowledge and perspectives from their own care experiences to help TeamUHN with decision-making, service design and improving quality, care and safety for patients and staff.

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What to Expect as a Patient Partner

As a Patient Partner, you:

  • Bring your own patient or caregiver perspectives and lived experiences, and work in partnership with the UHN team
  • Contribute to decision-making, program design, and governance by constructively sharing your story, feedback, experiences and opinions
  • Build relationships with a diverse team of staff and Patient Partners grounded in partnership, respect and dignity, empathy and compassion
  • Participate in opportunities that fit with your schedule and interests
  • Engage in projects virtually and/or in person
  • Take part in skill-building activities such as preparing to be a Patient Partner and learning to apply the Patient Declaration of Values in organizational improvement

Committees or Working Groups


Safety and Quality Councils

Steering Committees

Unit Level Working Groups



Sharing your experiences with students, learners and staff

Focus Groups

Focus Groups

Strategic Plans

Re-Design of Spaces

And more!

And more!

Rapid Improvement Events

Hiring Panels for TeamUHN

User Testing

Who Can Become A Patient Partner?

UHN Patient Partners are:

  • Living well in the community with their health condition
  • Coping well with their hospital experiences
  • Able to work collaboratively and enjoy working with others
  • Able to receive supportive education and skill-building sessions that prepare them for this partnership
  • Willing to constructively share their experience with others, to help shape care and service
  • Supports and commits to UHN's Purpose, Values and Principles

How Do I Become a Patient Partner?

Step One

Contact us via e-mail or telephone to get more information.

Step Two

Complete and return the application with two references.

Step Three

Schedule an interview with the Program Coodinators.

Step Four

Attend an orientation and skill building session.

Step Five

Be a part of our Community of Patient Partners!


To get more information and apply to the program, please contact us:

Phone: 416 340 5085

Last Updated: 15/03/2024

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