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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What hospitals fall under UHN?​

​UHN (University Health Network) includes Toronto General Hospital, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto Rehab Institutes, and the Michener Institute.

I am currently a patient at UHN. Can I apply?

We want to ensure that you focus on your health during your acute care journey, whether as an inpatient or going through active treatment. We encourage you to apply once you feel that you are living well in the community and have had a chance to reflect on your experiences.

I've never been to a hospital within UHN, but I've been to others. Can I still apply

Our team appreciates that the patient experience at any health care facility is invaluable to our learning and understanding of how to improve our organization. We welcome your application however preference will be given to UHN patients.

What are the time commitments?

As Patient Partners work directly with staff on specific UHN initiatives, the time commitment for each partnership will vary. For instance, committee work might require a time commitment of once per month, but a focus group will only require one specific date and time.

Most meetings are held during the day (8:00 am – 5:00 pm), however, opportunities do arise for evening meetings, online work, and teleconference options.

The program commits to informing you of the time commitment for each specific initiative prior to partnering with that initiative.

I'm interested to join the Program but cannot attend meetings. Is there another way that I can participate?

Patients and caregivers can also participate through the Virtual Patient Focus Group. This group is an online forum to provide feedback and input through online surveys and questionnaires. For more information, please visit Virtual Patient Focus Group.

Do I get reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses to attend meetings?

Patient Partners are reimbursed for travel associated with attending program meetings. i.e., TTC, WheelTrans, cabs, Uber, parking, etc.

I'm interested in mentoring and supporting other patients. Can I do that in this program?

At this time, the Patient Partner Program is not a peer-support or mentoring program. Patient Partners work directly with UHN staff only on hospital initiatives and quality improvement projects.

How will I know if my contributions are making a difference?

Our team, together with UHN staff, is committed to sharing project outcomes with our Patient Partners. We are in the process of developing a formal feedback tool to ensure the engagement was meaningful and fulfilling for both our Patient Partners and the project.

I am a UHN staff member. Where can I find more information about engaging with Patient Partners?

If you are a UHN staff member, please visit the Intranet site for more information on the Patient Partner Program

What personal information do I need to give to join the group?

When you join the group, you will need to provide the UHN site(s) you have had care, and your preferred email address for receiving surveys.

How is my privacy maintained?
  • Your email address will never be shared outside of our program
  • Surveys and questionnaires should never ask for your name or health information
    • Please do not voluntarily provide this information in your survey responses
  • All responses and suggestions collected will be combined and shared together, and identities will remain anonymous

Where do the surveys come from?

Surveys and questions come from UHN staff, departments, and programs who are initiating a change or improvement in their work, and are looking for patient feedback.

What types of questions will be asked?

Questions will be related to UHN policies, procedures, priorities, and projects. Examples: What do you think about open visiting hours at UHN? Are you interested to receive digital updates about your health? When thinking about your mental health care, what is most important to you?

How often will I get a survey?

Surveys are sent out approximately 12 to 14 times per year.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the survey?

If you have questions about a survey that you received, please contact the Patient Partnerships team at Survey responses are not mandatory and you can choose which surveys you would like to respond to.​

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