Virtual Patient Focus Group

The Virtual Patient Focus Group (VPFG) is an online forum of current and former UHN patients and caregivers who provide input and feedback through online surveys and questionnaires on important hospital projects and activities. Members of this group inform UHN's decision-making about practices that ultimately impact patient care, safety and experience.

The feedback we receive is used to understand our patients' perspective, as we implement changes at our organization.

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Members of the Virtual Patient Focus Group

You can request to be added to the Virtual Patient Focus Group if you are a former or current UHN patient or caregiver.

As a member of the Virtual Patient Focus Group, you:

  • Quickly and easily give feedback anonymously
  • Have the opportunity to help improve the safety and quality of UHN
  • Choose which surveys you would like to respond to
  • Are guaranteed that your comments and identity will remain anonymous, and your care will not be affected by your participation in, or withdrawal from, the group

How does it work?

Step One

The Patient Partnerships Team receives a survey from the UHN department or staff who would like to consult with patients and caregivers on a particular topic.

Step Two

The survey is sent out via email and anonymous feedback goes directly back to the staff that initiated the survey.

Step Three

The Patient Partnerships Team sends a summary of results to all members of the Virtual Patient Focus Group.

Members of the Virtual Patient Focus Group have given feedback on topics such as:

  • How was the patient's experience during UHN's response to COVID-19?
  • When considering a merger with West Park Healthcare, what is most important to consider from the patient's perspective?


To get more information and join the Virtual Patient Focus Group, please contact us:


Please include which UHN site you have had care of and your preferred email address to receive surveys.

Last Updated: 18/03/2024

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