Virtual Patient Focus Group

​​​​​​​The Virtual Patient Focus Group is an online forum of current and former UHN patients and caregivers, who provide input and feedback, through online surveys, on important hospital priorities and projects.

The feedback we receive is used to understand our patients' perspective, as we implement chan​ges at our hospital.

One of the exciting aspects of this focus group is that all communication is done through email, and you have the ability to contribute when it is convenient for you.​​

image of patient using a computerOffer your opinions, online, from anywhere.​

Why get involved?

The Virtual Patient Focus Group gives patients and caregiver​s a voice to their opinions. You can:

  • Advise UHN on hospital issues and initiatives
  • Make a difference in the care and services we provide

What does it mean to be a member of the Virtual Patient Focus Group?

As a member of the group, you can:

  • Choose which surveys you wish to participate in
  • Be guaranteed that your personal comments and identity will remain anonymous. Only the results of the surveys are shared
  • Be confident that your care will not be affected by your participation in, or withdrawal from, the focus group
  • Withdraw from the group at any time

Who can become a member of the Virtual Patient Focus Group?

Any UHN patient or caregiver can request to join the Virtual Patient Focus Group. 

Frequently asked questions

Where do the survey questions come from?
Questions come from all corporate, site, program and department management that is initiating a change, or needing patient feedback on a priority that is being added.

What types of questions will be asked?
Questions will be related to hospital policies, procedures, priorities, and projects.
Example: What do you think about open visiting hours at UHN? “Open” hours means that visitors could come to the hospital at any time.

How often do surveys go out?
Surveys will be sent out via email, approximately 4 to 6 times per year. Responses will be collected via email.

Join the UHN Virtual Patient Focus Group

For more information, please contact us.

Phone: 416 340 5085

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