Wheelchair-accessible parking is available at all UHN parking lots. If you have specific questions, please contact Standard Parking Services at 416 595 7136.

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Who can get an accessible parking permit?

People who have certain health problems can get this parking permit.

For example you need to show that you have a least one of these conditions:

  • Cannot walk without someone's help, a cane or other device
  • Need to use a wheelchair
  • Have poor eyesight (20/200 or worse, or field of vision of 20 degrees or less in both eyes)
  • Have certain lung or heart conditions
  • Have another health condition that makes walking very difficult

You can also get an accessible parking permit for your motorcycle.

To learn more, visit the Ontario Accessible Parking Permit website at

How can I apply?

You need to complete an application form. Ask your doctor or health care provider to help.

Get a Form

Who needs to fill in the application?

You need to fill in Part A of the application form. Your doctor or health care provider will need to fill in Part B.

Only certain people can fill in and sign Part B. These include:

  • a doctor
  • a physiotherapist
  • an occupational therapist
  • a chiropractor
  • a registered nurse practitioner
  • a chiropodist or podiatrist

What documents do I need?

You must also provide some form of legal document that proves who you are. It has to have your name, date of birth and signature on it to be accepted.

Examples of legal documents you can use include:

  • driver's licence
  • passport
  • work permit or study permit
  • record of landing

Submit it in-person (yourself):
When the application is complete, you submit it in-person by taking it to any Service Ontario Centre. They can give you a temporary permit right away. It will be valid for 90 days. Use this until the permit arrives in the mail.


Bring a legal document (see above) that proves who you are when you go to a Service Ontario Centre to apply.

Submit it in-person (by someone else):
If you are not able to apply for the permit yourself, you may ask someone else to apply for you. To do this, you must sign the application and also provide one of the following documents:

  • a letter of authorization (see the description below)
  • a Power of Attorney document
  • Guardianship papers
  • other court-appointed document that shows you give permission for this person to act on your behalf

You must also make sure that this person has some form of legal document that proves who you are. It has to have your name, date of birth and signature on it in to be accepted.

A letter of authorization must include:

  • legal name of the person who you have authorized to act on your behalf
  • your name, address and date of consent
  • a statement that authorizes the person to apply for your accessible parking permit
  • signatures for both you and the person applying for you

If you are unable to sign the application and an authorized person has signed on your behalf, you must also include a Power of Attorney document, Guardianship papers or other court-appointed document which authorizes them to act on your behalf (does not apply to dependants under the age of 18).


The person applying for you will also need to show a legal document proving his or her identity.

Submit it by mail:
If you cannot get to an office, you can mail your application to:

Service Ontario
P.O. Box 9800
Kingston, ON K7L 5N8

Or fax it to:
613 545 4678

If you mail or fax your application it can take a few weeks for you to get your permit.


Make photocopies of your legal documents and send those with your application. Don’t send originals of your legal documents through the mail.

How long will the permit last?

There are 4 types of accessible parking permits:

1. Permanent Permit

  • for people with a permanent disability
  • valid for 5 years
  • renew without re-certification from a health care provider

2. Subject-to-Change Permit

  • for people who have a disability that may change in the future
  • valid for 5 years
  • to renew, this permit needs to be re-certified by a health care provider

3. Temporary Permit

  • for people with a short-term disability (up to 12 months)
  • are red and last until the expiry date
  • not renewable

4. Traveller’s Permit

  • if you are travelling outside Ontario, you can get a permit to park your car in an Ontario airport while you use your regular permit during your trip
  • valid up to 1 year

What if I have a Disabled Person Parking Permit (DPPP)?

If you have a DPPP, you can use your permit until the expiry date. Then you have to apply under the new program. If you have a permanent disability, you do not have to get your health care provider to re-certify your condition every 5 years. If your condition improves, you will need to re-certify when your permit expires.

How can I use the permit?

Put the permit on the dashboard or sun visor of the car. You can use it in any car you are travelling in. You must be a driver or passenger of the car when using ​an accessible parking permit.

What if my permit is lost or stolen?

If your permit is lost, you will need to fill out Part A of the application form. You will not need your doctor or health care providers to fill out Part B.

You will also need to fill out Part A of a form called the "Replacement Declaration" (SR-LV-040).
You can get this form from any Service Ontario Centre or find it online here.

If your permit is stolen, you need to report this to the police. Then you can apply for a replacement permit.

If you call to report a stolen permit, ask the police for an "occurrence number" and the name of the officer taking the call. Write these down and include them when you apply for a replacement permit.


If you go to the police station, you need to bring along a form called a "Replacement Declaration" (SR-LV-040). You can get this form from any Ontario Service Centre, or you can find it online here. Ask the police to fill in the form. Then bring this form when you apply for a new permit.

Fill out the information from the police and fill in Part A of the application form and the "Replacement Declaration" form. The forms can be faxed, brought in-person to a Service Ontario Centre, or sent by mail.

What if my permit is damaged?

Bring your permit to any Ontario Service Centre. They will give you a new one.

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