Our interprofessional team approach to rehabilitation care is one of our distinguishing features at Toronto Rehab.

To promote highly effective interprofessional teams, we foster a collaborative, trusting and respectful approach among professions while supporting each profession in its continued development. We believe that each profession at UHN makes a unique and valuable contribution to patients and their families, colleagues and students at Toronto Rehab and throughout UHN's 4 hospitals. Working together, we bring the highest standard of care to our patients.

It's also important for our health care professionals to work with patients as partners. This approach gives patients and their families greater access to information to empower them to actively participate in discussions and decisions about care. This also means ensuring that patients and their families are included as integral and equal members of the care team.

We also believe and invest in life-long learning, providing our health care professionals with educational opportunities throughout their career.

Our health care professionals at Toronto Rehab are:

Resource for health care professionals

Our Community Balance & Mobility Scale was designed to evaluate balance and mobility in patients who, although ambulatory, have balance impairments that reduce their full engagement in community living.
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