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Speech Language Pathology
Speech-language pathologists save lives, discover the undiscovered and help people be social beings.​


Speech-language pathologists save lives, discover the undiscovered and help people be social beings.​ We save lives by using the latest evidence and best practice to help people swallow again. Through this process, we help to avoid potentially life-threatening consequences of illness.

We discover the undiscovered by revealing the person inside when someone is experiencing extreme communication difficulties. We give patients a voice and family members hope.

We help people to be social beings by working with those who are isolated due to communication difficulties and trouble eating and swallowing.

Speech language pathologists provide service to patients with communication and swallowing difficulties, educate future clinicians and advance clinical research. We strive to advance practice through developing and piloting innovative roles for care delivery and developing and implementing medical directives and delegated acts to enable practice at a full scope.

Services are offered to people who are experiencing swallowing or communication difficulties as a result of cancer at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Patients with cancers of the head and neck are followed at Toronto General during their surgical treatment and then followed as outpatients at Princess Margaret within a multi-professional clinic setting. A full range of service is provided to patients undergoing laryngectomy, including tracheo-esophageal voice restoration.

At Toronto Rehab, rehabilitation services are offered across a variety of different clinical programs. These include the Brain and Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program, Geriatric Rehabilitation, Complex Continuing Care, Complex Injury Outpatient Rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Multi-System Program and LifeSpan Program. Speech language pathologists and communicative disorders assistants support a specialized Augmentative and Alternative Communication Clinic. Clinical-research partnerships with Toronto Rehab's Swallowing Research Rehabilitation Lab and Communication Function Lab allow for collaborations to refine best practice and provide excellent clinical care.

At Toronto General Hospital, patients receive ​​services across all clinical programs, including cardiac, transplant, ICU and general internal medicine. The Neurolaryngology Clinic, which is a joint venture between speech language pathology and otolaryngology, provides multidisciplinary assessment and treatment of spasmodic dysphonia.

At Toronto Western Hospital, we provide services across all clinical program areas including neurology, neurosurgery, general internal medicine and ICU.

Contact Information

Princess Margaret
416 340 4800 ext. 4406
Toronto Rehab
416 59​7 3422 ext. 3654 or 5314​
Toronto General Hospital
416 340 4800 ext. 4406
Toronto Western Hospital
416 603 5800 ext. 5997


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