About Social Work

​​​Picture of a group of people's hands being held together​​Social workers are key members of all UHN programs and services. They are experts regarding the social determinants of health and well-being and enable people to access their right to care, to benefit from care and to thrive in their lives.

Social workers complete psycho-social ​​assessments that consider each individual in their unique circumstances and environment including their suppo​rts, both formal and informal. A social worker helps patients, families and caregivers cope with the impact of an illness or hospitalization from an emotiona​l, financial and practical perspective. They provide support and counselling and can h​elp facilitate access to community services. Social workers also help foster communication among patients, families, car​egivers and staff so that patient wishes and needs are heard.

To speak with a social worker a patient, family member, or significant other can ask any member of the health care team to make a referral. Social workers are available to assist patients, and their families, extended families and others who play a supportive role in a patient's life.


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