Picture of a patient on a bouncy ball lefting weightsWe're revolutionizing rehab. Helping people overcome injuries and recover from illness and age-related health conditions so they can live more independent lives.

One in 2 Ontarians will be touched by disability – either personally or in their family. That used to mean a devastating change, with personal choices, career options and even physical freedom altered for many.

As one of North America's leading rehabilitation sciences centres, we are helping to change that with new models of care for our patients and best practices for rehab.

We've twice been named as a leader in stroke rehabilitation by Accreditation Canada. And we're having an impact on building healthier communities in Ontario and throughout all of Canada.

Learn more about our strategic vision and our goals in our Toronto Rehab Strategic Plan 2022-2025

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    Learn more about the numbers behind Toronto Rehab and UHN.

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    Health Care Professionals

    Our interprofessional teams provide patients with exceptional rehabilitation care, helping people rebuild their lives and achieve individualized goals.

    Health care professionals work with patients as partners by providing the education that guides decision-making and self-management of their care so patients return to healthier, safer and more independent lives.


    When we talk about revolutionizing rehab, that also means we're changing the way health care professionals learn.

    We're a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto and more than 60 other national and international academic institutions. We support professionals in developing their clinical and teaching skills through faculty development workshops, continuing professional development opportunities, mentorship, tuition assistance and library services.

    It's not just staff and students who learn. So do patients and families, who gain the tools and resources they need to help them through the rehab process and back into the community. We also share our expertise by offering education sessions to the public through many conferences and events.


    Toronto Rehab has been at the forefront of pioneering research and treatment. Here are just a few of our accomplishments:

    • Our researchers were the first to show that treating sleep apnea can improve the cardiac health of people with congestive heart failure.
    • We pioneered a new method of using electrical stimulation to teach damaged muscles to move again in people paralyzed by stroke and spinal cord injury – it's helped these patients move, balance and walk better than ever before.
    • We developed a successful model of care for hip fracture patients who have cognitive impairments, and we've trained hundreds of health care workers to use it in 34 hospitals across the GTA.
    • We opened the iDAPT Centre for Rehabilitation Research, a world-first facility where ideas can be tested in a real-life setting; new technology and treatments will enhance the lives of older people and those with disabling injuries or illnesses.
    • Our scientists developed a simple footwear insole, Sole Sensor™, that improves balance and cuts the number of falls by half.
    • We opened an innovative, new Mobility Innovations Centre (formerly named the Balance, Mobility and Falls Clinic) where clinicians and researchers work side-by-side with patients to improve mobility and reduce the risk of falls.

    Celebrating Staff

    Our annual Celebrating Education Excellence awards highlight the contributions of Toronto Rehab staff to learners (including students, residents and fellows) and patient/family education.

    Learn more about the awards.

    About Rehab Professionals

    Our interprofessional team approach to rehabilitation care is one of our distinguishing features at Toronto Rehab. Learn more about the team.

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