Welcome to the Multisystem and Musculoskeletal (MSK) Rehabilitation program at Toronto Rehab, where our multi-disciplinary team provides patient and family-centered active rehabilitation for adults. Our clinical team is committed to helping patients recover from injuries, orthopaedic surgeries, medically complex conditions such as an oncology-related illness, acute or persistent pain conditions and recent organ transplants so that they are able to regain their strength, physical abilities, and independence.

As the leading national program of its kind in Canada, we take pride in supporting and advocating for our patients, to optimize outcomes and promote a seamless journey across the continuum of care for individuals and their families.

Our Outpatient Services

Rehabilitation Pain Service (RPS)

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of a highly specialized multidisciplinary group of nurses, physicians, occupational therapists and more that provide first-rate treatment and care to our unique patient population. Meet our team.

Learn more about the work we do

Meet Dr. Andrea Furlan. Dr. Furlan's work centers around rewriting the narrative surrounding the treatment of chronic pain. Using what she refers to as the five M's – movement, mind-body therapy, manual therapies, modalities and medication – she explores the notion of deprescribing opioids and alternative treatments.

Listen to our award-winning podcast, Behind the Breakthrough, and learn more about Dr. Furlan's groundbreaking new treatments for chronic pain.

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