​Welcome to the Geriatric Rehabilitation Program at Toronto Rehab, where we provide both active functional rehabilitation and psychiatric services to the medically complex and frail older adult population. Our interdisciplinary team has a shared commitment to helping older adults living with multiple health problems to be more active at home and in their communities.

Working side by side with patients and their families, we help seniors who have experienced a decline in function, due to a recent hospitalization or illness, to improve their mobility and balance; navigate changes associated with aging and memory loss; manage acute and persistent pain conditions; and provide falls prevention strategies so that they are able to best optimize activities as part of their daily life.

Our program includes two specialized inpatient services: the Musculoskeletal and Geriatric Rehabilitation Unit and the Specialized Dementia Unit, as well as outpatient geriatric rehabilitation and geriatric psychiatry services.

Musculoskeletal and Geriatric Rehabilitation

To be referred to one of our outpatient programs, your physician or nurse practitioner must complete:

All forms are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated.

Geriatric Psychiatry

To be referred to one of our outpatient programs, your physician must refer you. Please see the individual clinics for further information.

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of a highly specialized multidisciplinary group of nurses, physicians, occupational therapists and more that provide first-rate treatment and care to our unique patient population. Meet our team.

Learn more about the work we do

Meet Dr. Andrea Iaboni. Dr. Iaboni, a geriatric psychiatrist and clinical researcher at UHN's Toronto Rehab and Medical Lead of the Specialized Dementia Unit, developed the Dementia Isolation Toolkit (DIT), a comprehensive guide to caring for long-term care patients amid the pandemic.

Listen to our award-winning podcast, Behind the Breakthrough, and learn more about Dr. Iaboni and a new toolkit for LTC to help care of residents during an outbreak.

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