About Our Surgery Guides

Are you having surgery at UHN? Our guides help ensure that you know what to expect every step of the way.

My Surgery is a general guide that includes standard information for almost all surgery patients about how to prepare for surgery and what to expect throughout the process. It is used by the health care team along with specific Surgery Guides, which include detailed information about your procedure.

My Surgery: An Information Guide and Personal-Care Tool

My Surgery  

You may have a lot of questions and worries leading up to your surgery at UHN. My Surgery helps you and your family to know what to expect throughout your surgical journey, and to keep track of the information you receive before and during your hospital stay.

My Surgery has space for your health care team to add in more specific information to suit your health information needs. This may include treatment-specific brochures or other instruction handouts.

Looking for a hard copy of the My Surgery? Ask a member of your care team.

You can download the complete My Surgery, or just the part you are looking for.

All resources are in PDF  format unless otherwise indicated.

Surgery-Specific Guides

UHN is building a library of guides that are specific to the surgery you have scheduled. From how to prepare, to what to expect during your hospital stay, our dedicated guides to take you step-by-step through your operation. Note that these guides should be used in addition to the general My Surgery guide, to enhance the information UHN is providing to you.

Translated Information

Currently, the My Surgery guide is only available in English. However, our health information site material is available in many other languages that may be just right for you.

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