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If you've been scheduled for a Breast Reconstruction – DIEP operation, you probably have some questions. Our guide offers the answers you're looking for and helps you prepare for your operation.

About the Operation​​​​​

​This method is the state-of-the-art reconstruction that uses your own abdominal tissue to construct a new breast mound. The surgeon will remove excess abdominal skin and fat from the lower part of the abdomen along with blood vessels and attach this tissue to the blood vessels in the chest area. The blood vessels are so small that the surgeon must use a microscope to reconnect them. This will allow blood to be directed to the new tissue on the breast area.

The surgeon will then sculpt the tissue to fit the remaining chest area left from the mastectomy. The advantage of this operation is that the muscles from your abdomen stay together. This keeps the abdominal wall stronger after your surgery.​​

What tests will I need before the operation?

Your surgeon's office will arrange a CT scan​ of your abdomen to map out the blood vessels.

How long will I need to stay in the hospital?

For one side breast reconstruction, you can expect to stay in hospital for 3 days, not including the day of the operation. For breast reconstruction on both sides, you can expect to stay in hospital for 4 days, not including the day of the operation.

Stop smoking before your surgery

Learn how smoking and tobacco can affect your recovery after surgery, and how quitting can improve your health.​​​

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Breast Reconstruction Surgery Guide​​​

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