​​ At Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, we know that finding out you have cancer can make you feel overwhelmed, afraid, numb or anxious. The Cancer Journey was made to help you find:

  • Information to help guide you throughout your cancer journey
  • Tips from other cancer patients
  • Details about resources you can find at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and in the community

Introducing The Princess Margaret Cancer Journey Resources  

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patient looking down and thinking while doctor with stethoscope and labcoat sits beside her on a couch
Just Diagnosed Understand your diagnosis. Get to know who will be part of your team. Find resources to help you and how to get support.
Find out what to know when you are diagnosed with cancer »
woman leaning her head on a bald person's shoulder
During Treatment Know your treatment options and get help with treatment decision-making. Prepare for and manage the possible side effects.
Find out what to know when you are getting cancer treatment »
woman resting her head on her hand
Managing Side Effects Learn ways to prepare for and manage possible side effects of treatment.
Find out how to manage side effects »
6 people sitting in a circle having a conversation
After Treatment Learn about what happens after treatment and how to get support. Focus on wellness, healthy living and getting the most out of life.
Find out what to know when you are done cancer treatment »
woman smilling and looking back
Tips for You From Patients This toolkit was made with cancer survivors for cancer survivors and can offer insight into aspects of living with cancer.
See the toolkit made by cancer survivors »
The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Lodge
My Resources and Support Find resources at the Princess Margaret and in your community to help you at every stage of the cancer journey.
See a list of in-hospital and community resources »

Prevention and Detection

Learn about lowering your risk and screening for cancer. Discover our rapid diagnosis programs.

Read about preventing and detecting cancer »

Cancer Journey Planner Worksheets

Find useful tools and worksheets from the Planner to help you keep track of appointments, contacts, how you are feeling and more.

View and download Planner tools and worksheets »
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