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Keep up-to-date records of all the medical care you get for cancer and other conditions. Future decisions about your care may depend on your past treatments.

Notes from your clinic visits should be sent to your primary care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner). Check with your cancer care team to make sure this happens.

If you move or go to several different doctors, you are the only only who will have your complete health history.

Keep Your Primary Care Provider Up-to-Date

Make sure you keep your primary care provider up-to-date on:

  • Any medicines that you are taking now. This includes over-the-counter medicines such as pain killers, laxatives (medicine to help you poo), as well as nutritional supplements, vitamins and herbals.
  • When your next check-up test is due (for example: a mammogram, PSA test, Pap test).
  • Which specialists you are still seeing.
  • Any fears or concerns you have.
  • Any lifestyle changes you have made (for example: quitting smoking, changing your diet, changing how you exercise).
  • How you feel. Do you have any symptoms or changes that are worrying you?

Share Access to Your myUHN Patient Portal

Give your primary care provider access to your myUHN Patient Portal by making them a "Shared Access User". This allows them to see your health information that is in your myUHN Patient Portal. You can choose what information you want your primary care provider to see, and how long they can see it.

To make your primary care provider a Shared Access User:

  • Your primary care provider must register for their own myUHN account. All Shared Access Users must register for their own account, even if they are not a UHN patient.
  • Send your primary care provider a shared access invitation by clicking "Send invite" in the "Shared Access" section in myUHN.​

Last reviewed: 1/8/2020
Last modified: 10/30/2023 12:15 PM
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