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Until now, doctors, nurses and other cancer care providers have guided you on your cancer journey. From your earliest tests, through your diagnosis and treatment, these people gave you information and helped you make choices. You probably learned to trust them and may have made some friends along the way.

Now that your cancer treatment is over, you are entering a new stage in your journey. It is normal to worry about your future. You may not want to give up your connection to your cancer care team. You may feel that you need the expert advice of your cancer care team to guide you further.

Everyone on your cancer care team is still there to support you, if you need them. In fact, most will tell you to call them with any questions about side effects after treatment, new symptoms, or other issues. Your cancer care team can also help you connect with other health care providers who can help you move forward after treatment.

However, a few things will change now that you have finished your treatment.

You will see your cancer care team less often.

You will still need to have medical appointments with your cancer care team, but these visits will be fewer. This is because you do not need active treatment. Now, your oncologists and primary care provider will share the job of giving you your check-ups. You may not need to see all of these cancer care team members as often, but they will be available if you need them.

The size of your team will become smaller.

You will not see as many cancer care providers as you did during treatment.

Your primary care provider will coordinate your care.

You will need to have a primary care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner). Your primary care provider is the one person you will see on a regular basis rather than seeing a few different doctors. Your primary care provider will look after your health with your cancer care team. If needed, other cancer care providers are there for you.

Your relationship with team members may change

Your Specialized Oncology Nurses may become a more important source of information after your cancer treatment ends. Your Specialized Oncology Nurses will be available by telephone and at your follow-up clinic visits. Your nursing team can assist you in getting the help that you need. To speak to a Specialized Oncology Nurse, call the site telephone line. You will be given the site telephone line number on your first visit.​

Last reviewed: 1/8/2020
Last modified: 10/30/2023 12:14 PM
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