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The term “survivor” means different things to different people. Some people use it to mean anyone with cancer, such as someone who has been newly diagnosed or is undergoing treatment. Others use it to refer only to people who are alive several years after their cancer treatment. The term “survivor” can mean anyone who has cancer, whether they are newly diagnosed, are in remission or have advanced cancer.

Some people don’t like the term “cancer survivor,” but for others, it is a positive way of describing their situation. Using it can help people to work through challenges they may have during and after their illness.

Cancer survivorship deals with the physical, emotional, social, mental and practical issues surrounding cancer, from diagnosis, through recovery or until the end of life. Survivorship focuses on your life beyond your cancer diagnosis and treatment. It focuses on quality of life during and after treatment and on access to follow-up care after treatment. Family, friends and caregivers can play an important part in supporting you throughout your experience with cancer and survivorship.

The ELLICSR: Health, Wellness & Cancer Survivorship Centre offers different health and wellness programs, including classes such as:

To find out more about these programs, see Patient Classes or contact ELLICSR.​
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