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Here you will find printable versions of pages from the Cancer Journey Planner. These pages can help you keep all the important information you want and need in one place. You can use the worksheets to keep track of information in a way that makes sense to you. You can also print these worksheets to add to your Planner if you need extra space to record information.

For instructions on how to complete the worksheets, see the Cancer Journey Planner [PDF].


View each worksheet from the Planner as you need it:

  • My Contacts [PDF]: Keep track of all the people you meet throughout your cancer journey. Use the My Contacts worksheet to write down the phone numbers and email addresses for your nurses, doctors, and other people in your circle of care.
  • My Questions [PDF]: Use the My Questions worksheet to write down questions that you want to ask your health care team. Record the answers so you remember.
  • My Diagnosis [PDF]: Use the My Diagnosis worksheet to write down details about your diagnosis (type of cancer) during your first appointment with your oncologist (cancer doctor).
  • Appointment Notes [PDF]: Use the Appointment Notes worksheet to prepare for appointments, record questions you want to ask, and keep track of information.
  • My Medicines [PDF]: Use the My Medicines worksheet to keep track of the medicines you are taking (including prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, herbals, vitamins, drops, patches, inhalers, sprays, and cannabis).
  • My Treatments [PDF]: The My Treatments worksheet can help you work with your health care team to plan your treatment and record your treatments.
  • Side Effects Tracker [PDF]: Use the Side Effects Tracker to record what you are feeling each day. Share the tracker with your cancer care team to help them know how you are feeling.
  • My Calendar [PDF]: The My Calendar worksheet can help you keep track of clinic appointments, tests, scans, treatments, classes and other appointments outside the hospital.

Do you want to view all worksheets in one document? Download the full set of worksheets for easy printing »​

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