​​​Our ocular oncology program provides an outstanding educational opportunity at different levels for local and international trainees in this specialty. Our teaching- awarded staff participates in all educational activities of trainees from medical students to post-doctoral fellows.

Our program offers a comprehensive 2-year clinical fellowship in ocular oncology. The clinical fellowship includes fully supervised clinical and surgical exposure to a large number of ophthalmic tumour cases. The program includes 2-3 ocular oncology fellows each year. With the high turnover of patients and the profound multidisciplinary expertise of the staff. The fellow position offers a unique setting for mastering the specialty and provides an excellent opportunity for clinical research. Learn more about this clinical fellowship »

The educational activities of our program include provision of didactic lectures, clinical rounds, ocular oncology/ pathology rounds, and journal clubs. Production of publications and podium presentations are encouraged at all levels of trainees' education.

The program regularly participates in a variety of enriching events:

  • Art and Science of Clinical Medicine teaching sessions
  • Fellows and Staff Annual Research Day
  • Visiting Professor Grand Rounds, organized by the Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences of University of Toronto

Our program has been the Canadian organizer for international assessment examinations in Ophthalmology conducted by the International Council of Ophthalmology.

Last reviewed: 6/8/2023
Last modified: 1/24/2024 5:06 AM
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