​​The high volume of patients and the establishment of disease-specific electronic databases have enabled our centre to produce and participate in international-level research projects in the field of ocular oncology.

Our centre significantly contributed to the multinational Collaborative Ocular Melanoma study and the European study of Ocular Melanoma in the Paediatric Population.

Our staff members have been frequently publishing several practice-changing research articles in prestigious specialty journals on ocular oncology topics, such as tumour imaging, comparison between radiotherapy treatment techniques, and treatment approaches of rare eye tumours. 

In general, our current clinical and translational research focuses on studying tumour genetic and epigenetic alterations that modify patients' management. Prospectively, we study anatomical and functional retinal changes post treatment for early detection of radiotherapy related morbidity. We identify the indications of using laser treatment in the management of some ocular cancers.

Last reviewed: 6/8/2023
Last modified: 10/3/2023 11:39 AM
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