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Princess Margaret Cancer Campus

Cancer Campus programs are available to staff, trainees, and volunteers across the Princess Margaret Cancer Program.

See the Cancer Campus programs »

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Continuing Education for Professionals

Upgrade your professional skills and expand your knowledge through continuing education initiatives led and supported by Princess Margaret staff.

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Post-Secondary Trainee Opportunities

The Princess Margaret offers trainee opportunities at a variety of post-secondary levels in different areas of cancer care.

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International Partnerships

The Princess Margaret is committed to building capacity in other countries, fostering innovation, and learning from colleagues around the world.

Learn more about the Princess Margaret Global Cancer Program »​

Education at UHN

The Michener Institute of Education at UHN works to anticipate the health care needs of the future by formally bringing research, education and clinical practice together to improve patient care. Explore healthcare education opportunities at the Michener Institute of Education at UHN >>
MyLearning is available to all UHN paid employees, un-paid appointees and all physicians. All legally mandated training may be completed via this system. More information about MyLearning >>
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