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Financial Support

Living with cancer can be financially challenging. When you are newly diagnosed, it is important to determine your eligibility to all financial programs immediately. Delays can have an impact on your finances because there may be waiting periods for some programs. It will be helpful to contact a social worker nearby to help you with this. If you would like to see a social worker, ask your primary oncologist or the AYA program for a referral.

Below is a list of financial programs and services available.


Coping with Cancer - Financial Programs for Patients with Cancer and their Caregivers (UHN Brochure)
Income Assistance at UHN (Website)

Programs & Services

Melanie’s Way
Wellspring Money Matters

Scholarships & Bursaries

Emmy Duff Scholarship
Pink Pearl Scholarship
Childhood Cancer Canada Survivor Scholarship

Coverage & Cost Reduction Programs

Childhood Cancer Canada COVID-19 Emergency Fund
Severe Permanent Disability Benefit (Government of Canada)
Shine Through the Rain: Rainy Day Fund
Trillium Drug Program
Power of Hope: Cost Reduction Program
POGO Financial Assistance Program (POFAP) (Under 18)
Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund (Breast Cancer)
Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation (Breast Cancer)
Canadian Cancer Society Travel Treatment Fund

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