Lymphatic self-massage is a gentle massage that can help you manage your lymphedema. Doing this massage daily can help you decrease the swelling in your affected body part(s).

After learning from a therapist, you can use the resources below to help guide your daily massages at home. ​​

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​​​ Resources - Lymphatic Self-Massage Instructional Hand-Outs

Disclaimer: These materials are for patients who have been taught self-management techniques by a clinician at the Cancer Rehab and Survivorship Clinic.


​​​ Finding a Community Lymphedema Therapist

​​A lymphedema therapist (or Combined Decongestive Therapist) has 135 hours of training or more in lymphedema management. They can provide services such as lymphatic massage. Appointments are fee-for-service and not covered by OHIP. To find a community therapist near you, you can consult the Lymphedema Association of Ontario's List of Certified Lymphedema Therapists.

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