Paving the way to truly mend a broken (donor) heart in the future
Dr. Mitesh Badiwala and his team

​​​​​​​​​​​Dr. Mitesh Badiwala and his team are working on a host of new technologies, some which will be able to repair heart damage as fast as possible.

Anticipated breakthroughs by Peter Munk Cardiac Centre doctors and scientists could lead to more donor hearts, fewer rejections, advanced stem cell treatments and repairs to a patient’s own heart

Th​ree decades after the first successful heart transplant was achieved in Toronto, the medical mysteries keep unravelling, and the miracles keep multiplying.

“We have done more than 700 transplants, and I have been here long enough to have worked on 500,” says Dr. Heather Ross, world-renowned cardiologist and Director of the Ted Rogers and Family Centre of Excellence in Heart Function and the Cardiac Transplant Program at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (PMCC), part of the University Health Network.

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