To give or not to give
Dr. Keyvan Karkouti,  Dr. Stuart McCluskey and Cielo Bingley

​​​​​Dr. Keyvan Karkouti, left, Dr. Stuart McCluskey and Cielo Bingley, a Perioperative Blood Conservation Co-ordinator,  work together to find ways to ensure that with a limited blood supply, opportunities are found to conserve wherever possible.​​​

Rather than making it common practice, an innovative procedure can determine if a patient really needs a blood transfusion

Dr. Vivek Rao could only talk briefly. The Division Head of Cardiovascular Surgery, and the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Chair in Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics, had just completed a heart transplant, but the 52-year-old patient was bleeding, and Dr. Rao had to return to the patient.​

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