Pathologists’ puzzle: mystery of the silver-coated heart valve
mechanical heart valve

​​​​​​​Discovering the problem with this mechanical heart valve is part of the PMCC’s dedication to rigorous testing protocols.

Dr. Jagdish Butany and the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre's determined team of detectives work to ensure the safety of novel cardiovascular devices

The mechanical heart valve that Dr. Jagdish Butany holds in his hand looks surprisingly unassuming, about the size of a dime. Yet as director of cardiovascular pathology at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (PMCC), this particular valve took him on a mission around the world.

The mission was to solve a mystery – what was causing this manufacturer's new model of heart valve to be connected to infections in heart patients, resulting in their bodies rejecting the device and in some cases death.​

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