Artificial intelligence launches a new era in cardiac care
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​​​​​​​​​​​​The third Peter Munk Cardiac Centre magazine published by The Globe and Mail is out today. The 52-page magazine takes a closer look inside Canada's premier cardiac centre and specifically why it's known as the “heartbeat of innovation.” (Illustration: Made by Emblem)

From diagnostics to therapeutics, artificial intelligence is set to change the way cardiovascular diseases are identified and treated

A ​​diagnosis of coronary artery disease usually comes after a series of procedures, including blood tests, exercise to reproduce symptoms, an electrocardiogram, a chest X-ray and, finally, cardiac catheterization, where a thin tube is inserted through the heart's blood vessels to check blood flow and function in various parts of the organ.

It can take weeks, even months, for each patient to go through these gold-standard procedures.​

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