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Volunteer Stories

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​​Brandon Toronto Rehab Volunteer
Toronto Rehab past patient Brandon gives back helping others in Toronto Rehab through Therapeutic Recreation Programs.


Matthew from Volunteer to Medical School



When Mathew started a new and exciting chapter in his life, medical school, he was able to bring his patient experience from HELP with him.



Jo-Ann's Story


Exercise Track Support Volunteer Help Patients in Cardiac Rehab 

Stellar Exercise Track Support Volunteer:  Jo-Ann volunteers in our Cardiac Rehab classes assisting patients in their recovery journey. 



Kevin's Story


Fulfilling an Impactful Volunteer Role at Toronto Rehab

Volunteering at Toronto Rehab's University Centre means providing engaging and meaningful opportunities to Volunteers.​



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Julia's story


Unit Support Volunteer shares "I leave my shift feeling stronger as a human, more kind and probing and much more empowered to live in freedom, love and devotion to the moment."

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