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Please visit our "Ready to Apply" section and follow the necessary steps.

The screening and intake process for volunteering can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to complete and includes completing the following: Online application, Interview, Reference Checks, Health Screening, Criminal Record Check, Online Mandatory Modules and a site-specific Orientation. Only after volunteers have completed the screening process are they ready to start volunteering.

All applicants must complete a health screening form prior to beginning their volunteering. This form includes immunization status and the completion of a two-step TB test which must be completed by your family doctor. UHN does not pay for any costs incurred with the complete of the health screening form.

New volunteers begin with one placement, once a week. Additional opportunities may be considered if you are able to fulfil the commitment expectations and if there is a suitable opening.

No. All volunteers must make a minimum commitment of 6 months. We will only provide confirmation of hours to those who have fulfilled our program requirements. If you are only looking to complete 40 hours of community service, we recommend you use a resource such as which lists a variety of organizations who are in need of volunteers.

No. Volunteer roles do not include duties or responsibilities that are performed by a licensed/regulated medical professional. All volunteers must follow the responsibilities outlined in their volunteer role description.

No. Observing and shadowing staff is not part of the volunteer program. If you wish to explore observation options, please visit the 'Observership' page of our website.

Volunteers are selected and placed according to the needs of the hospital. Interests, skills, availability and suitability are all taken into consideration. Once placed in a role, volunteers are trained for that specific role or program. Each position requires a 6 month commitment. After the 6 months are complete, transfers may be possible pending there is an opportunity available in another area.

Yes. All volunteers are asked to wear a uniform so that they are easily recognizable to patients and staff. ID badges are also issued to volunteers and must be worn at all times. A T-shirt or Golf Shirt are available for purchase and are required prior to starting volunteering. This purchase is yours to keep when you have completed your volunteer commitment with us. Volunteers must return their ID badge to Volunteer Resources at the completion of their commitment.

The Program Coordinator of each site will be able to provide information about parking. Due to the high volume of volunteers, UHN does not provide TTC reimbursement to volunteers. Transportation to and from volunteering is the responsibility of the volunteer. UHN does not provide funding for transportation.

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