Home to more than 1,000 research graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, UHN is committed to providing an outstanding environment for the academic and professional development of our trainees (postdoctoral fellows and graduate students). The UHN Office of Research Trainees (ORT) provides trainees, principal investigators, administrators and additional support staff with a portal for addressing trainee-related issues.

The ORT aims to:

  • Showcase the strong UHN research environment
  • Represent and support the importance of research training within UHN
  • Enhance the quality of the research training and mentoring experience 
  • Facilitate information exchange and interaction among trainees
  • Assist trainees in obtaining external funding

The ORT complements existing trainee committees within each UHN resea​rch institute by working alongside their representatives to ensure that communication is transferred thoroughly throughout the organization. 

Visit the ORT website​.​​

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