OneDrive offers a simple way to store and share your work files online. Use it to edit from any computer and for real-time collaboration with anyone internal or external to UHN. It's secure and stores up to 1TB of data. It's also available from your Office 365 (O365) Dashboard, so VPN is not required for off-site OneDrive access.

For more information, view or print the OneDrive Quick Reference Guideor Setup Card

Step 1 Log into your O365 Dashboard at

Step 2 From the top-left corner, click on the app launcher and select OneDrive.

Step 3 You will be directed to your OneDrive. Enjoy!

App Launcher
App Launcher

Step 1 Log into your OneDrive.

Step 2 Click on Upload and select the file(s) you want to add to your OneDrive.


Open your file explorer, then drag & drop the files you wish to add to your OneDrive browser window.

For more information, watch this OneDrive One-Minute Video.

Step 1 Click on the OneDrive icon OD iconfrom your computer task bar. This can be found along the bottom right of your screen.

Step 2 A small OneDrive window will appear. Click on the icon with the three dots along the top-right of the window. Then click Settings.

Step 3 A pop-up Microsoft OneDrive window will appear. Click Choose Folders.

Step 4 Choose which OneDrive folders or files to sync to your computer. Note, the items syncing to your folder will require space on your local drive.

TIP: Regularly monitor which folders are syncing. If you do not need consistently need access to the folder, stop syncing it to optimize your disc space!

For more information, watch this OneDrive One-Minute Video!

Watch these OneDrive One-Minute Videos or follow the below instructions to learn how to share your OneDrive files with anyone internal or external to UHN.

OneDrive File Sharing Video thumbnail  
OneDrive External File Sharing Video thumbnail  

File sharing with internal/UHN colleagues

Step 1 From your OneDrive, choose the file you want to share and then click the Share button.

Step 2 In the Share window, type the name of the colleague you want to share the file with. You should type last name, first name, similar to how you would search for colleagues in the Global Address Listing (GAL). You can also add a message.

Step 3 By default, only UHN staff can view your file. To change this setting, click on the disclaimer reading "Only people in University Health Network with the link can view". This opens a list of sharing permissions and options.

Step 4 Choose the desired permission setting and check Allow editing as needed. Then select Apply.

Step 5 Once you’re done, hit Send.

TIP: You can select Copy Link if you wish to paste this link elsewhere, like an email draft in Outlook or through Skype for Business. You can click on Outlook to draft this message using your Webmail.

File sharing with external partners:

Step 1 From the share window, change the default permission setting from "Only people in University Health Network can view" to "Specific People".

Step 2 Check Allow editing as needed, then click Apply. This enables the recipient(s) to edit, rather than view-only.

Step 3 Once you're done, hit Send.

Step 4 Your recipient will receive an email prompting them to either create a Microsoft guest account or enter a verification code. This will confirm their identity and allow them to view and edit the document.

Share Window with UHN Users
Share Window with UHN Users Options Share Window with external Users
Share Window with external Users verification

Step 1 From a new email or drafted email, select Attach File.

Step 2 In the dropdown menu, select Browse Web Locations and then OneDrive – University Health Network.

Step 3 Select the file you want to share.

Step 4 You will have the option to share as a link or as a separate copy for each recipient.

TIP: Sharing OneDrive files as links enables additional collaboration features. Your recipient(s) will be able to view the most up-to-date version and co-edit with you rather than manually versioning the file.

Step 5 Once you’ve drafted your email, hit Send.

For information, watch this OneDrive One-Minute Video - How to Share OneDrive files from Outlook!

Step 1 Open a shared file from your OneDrive, or access a OneDrive file shared by a colleague.

Step 2 Click Edit Document and then select Edit in Browser to begin making changes to your file.

Step 3 When another person accesses the file at the same time through Office Online products, such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel, you will receive an alert. You will also see coloured flags indicating the section they’re working on.

For information, watch this OneDrive One-Minute Video - How to edit OneDrive files in the browser!

You can quickly open and save OneDrive documents right from your Office 2016 desktop apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. If you have the OneDrive sync application installed on your computer, OneDrive and Office can work together to sync your work.

Saving files to OneDrive using the Office 2016 desktop apps:

Step 1 Sign into your UHN O365 account from your Office apps by selecting Sign in in the upper-right corner of your Office 2016 application.

Step 2 Enter your UHN credentials. If you are not on the UHN network, you may be prompted for Multi-Factor Authentication.

Step 3 Open the document you want to save to OneDrive, select File > Save As, choose OneDrive - University Health Network, and then choose the folder where you want to save the file.

Sharing OneDrive files using the Office 2016 desktop apps:

Step 1 After you have signed into your UHN O365 account, select the Share button in the upper-right corner of your application.

Step 2 A new menu will appear on the right side of your application. In this menu, enter the email addresses of your recipients.

Step 3 You can choose if the recipients can edit or view-only.

Step 4 Once done, select Share.

Share from Desktop
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