EPR Chart Review - Read Only

​​​​​​​Everyone requiring Electronic Patient Record (EPR) read only access must complete the EPR Chart Review - Read Only eLearning.

Attention Clinical Learners (for clinical placement)​

You must register in UMLearns​ before​ starting this eLearning.

If Clinical Learners require assistance, send an email to: ​

Getting Started

Select the link below to begin.​

Declaration Form​​

Once you have completed your eLearning, submit the Declaration Form found at the end. This Declaration Form is your electronic signature confirming that you have completed the eLearning necessary for access. Follow all instructions given to you in the eLearning course regarding next steps or your EPR access may be delayed.​ ​​


A tip sheet has been provided to help support your work in EPR. Select the link below and download for future use.​

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