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Workshops and Courses

​We offer 4 tailored courses and workshop series:

Principles in Immunology Course (PII)

This course is available for all transplant fellows. This annual CME accredited symposium has been developed for Transplant Program fellows in collaboration with the University of Toronto Department of Immunology to provide clinical-based knowledge of immunology as it relates to solid organ transplantation. Offered bi-annually, fellows are able to register to attend in person or online.  Next course to be offered in 2018.


Fellows Workshop Series

This monthly workshop series is held specifically for Transplant Program fellows. Invited speakers address the specific needs of fellows and cover the range of topics related to transplantation. For example, in previous workshops, guest speakers have come from Dermatology, the HLA typing laboratory, History of Medicine and the Transplant Program.  Presentations are followed by lively discussion. This workshop series is organized by Dr. Michael McDonald.


Regenerative Medicine Graduate Course

The scope of this multidisciplinary course is unique in Canada. This course features lectures from prominent researchers from across Canada on topics ranging from organ failure, stem cells and regenerative medicine to the business of regenerative medicine and regenerative medicine ethics and society. Offered each year from September – April, the course involves more than 30 Canadian faculties and 4 keynote speakers, and includes the Annual Regenerative Medicine Symposium
Students participating in this course will have the opportunity to connect with some of the best transplant, stem cell, and regenerative medicine researchers in Canada.

The course covers 4 broad areas:

  1. The Background of Organ Failure
  2. Regenerative Medicine and Innovative Technologies
  3. Clinical Applications of Regenerative Medicine
  4. Ethics and Society

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