A third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is now approved in Ontario for certain groups, including transplant patients. Given the large volume and geographical spread of eligible transplant patients, we encourage transplant recipients to obtain their third dose in their local communities. If you are a transplant patient at UHN, and require a letter confirming your patient status to receive a COVID-19 vaccine third dose, please submit your request to

Transplant recipients are currently eligible for vaccination. For more information, visit our vaccine website.

For information about safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines for transplant recipients, please read the guidelines created by the Ajmera Transplant Centre and endorsed by the Canadian Society of Transplantation, read this Letter to Patients  from our Centre with factors you should consider before receiving a vaccine, and watch this video by Dr. Deepali Kumar, Transplant Infectious Diseases Specialist at the Ajmera Transplant Centre. Please note: this video and listed resources do not substitute personal health advice from your doctor.

The Ajmera Transplant Centre is cautiously monitoring the centre's transplant activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ongoing measures are being taken to ensure that donated organs are COVID-free and that the transplant units remain low COVID-19 risk areas. Please visit UHN’s COVID-19 section for information before coming to the hospital.

As we shared before, you will continue to keep your priority on the waiting list during the pandemic.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your Transplant Coordinator for information and support, and visit the Transplant Psychosocial Team page for more resources.​​

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Living Donor Program

How do I become a living kidney or liver donor?

  1. Complete a Donor Health History Form
  2. Submit the form – our contact information is on the form.
  3. Our office will contact you once we have reviewed your form.

Learn more about our Living Donor Program, or go directly to our living kidney or liver donor pages.


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