The Ajmera Transplant Centre offers a wide range of educational opportunities for nurses working in transplantation:

Nursing Orientation

Following a two-week general hospital orientation, new staff within the Ajmera Transplant Centre begin a week-long orientation program to the field and practice of transplantation. Organized by our program's Advanced Practice Nurse Educator, this intensive program familiarizes new staff with the key concepts of transplant care and introduces them to a wide range of members within the health care team.

Each staff nurse will be assigned a designated preceptor for the duration of their clinical orientation period on our inpatient unit. These designated nurses will have completed a hospital preceptorship program and are chosen for their clinical expertise, teaching and mentoring abilities.

Student Undergraduate and Graduate Opportunities

The Ajmera Transplant Centre is unique in its comprehensive range of transplant services. Care is provided throughout the continuum of transplantation, and therefore offers unique learning opportunities for students in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Students in undergraduate and graduate nursing education who are interested in a placement within the Ajmera Transplant Centre must present evidence of high academic and clinical achievement. Students should contact their university program placement officer for more information.

Nursing – Undergraduate

The Ajmera Transplant Centre has a unique partnership with Toronto Metropolitan University to offer a year-long clinical placement in Transplantation. This innovative program offers clinical experience throughout the continuum of transplant care. For more information, contact Toronto Metropolitan University.

In addition to this program, nursing students in their final year of undergraduate studies may apply for a clinical placement in our inpatient unit.

Nursing – Graduate

Graduate-level clinical experiences can be specifically designed to meet a student's objectives and learning needs, encompassing a wide range of clinical settings and patient populations for both master's degree and Nurse Practitioner students.

International Observerships

Nurses from many international centres have come to observe and study the approach and practice of transplant nursing within the Ajmera Transplant Centre. Each placement is planned to meet the needs of the individual practitioner, and the program offers a wide range of observational and clinical experiences for visiting colleagues.

For more information about nursing observerships, email

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