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​A hub for patients, caregivers and the public to access education and training to facilitate their roles as collaborators in cancer self-management, the Cancer Self-Management Research Centre is advancing the first goal articulated in the Cancer Education Strategic Plan: that patients at Princess Margaret will have better health outcomes and will better utilize the healthcare system due to their engagement as active self-managers.

This competition is open to all applicants from the Young Leaders program and strongly favours projects composed of a multidisciplinary team. This is in line with a recent call by the Young Leaders membership to challenge the current culture of research and innovation by supporting diverse multidisciplinary projects spanning different specialties, professions, and job profiles that clearly promote creative collaborations and networking. Proposed projects should be “shovel ready” with clearly defined milestones, a realistic endpoint, and clear impact which is measurable and achievable within a 12 month time period.

Supported by the UHN Cancer Experience Program at Princess Margaret, proposals aimed at improving the well-being of patients, families, staff and trainees will be considered, particularly those focused on one or more of the SuNDAE framework: Supportive communication; Navigation; Diversity, inclusiveness, equity and access; Ambience of the cancer centre; and Engagement of patients, families, staff and trainees in cancer care.​


  • Funding will be assigned based on scale, timeliness and projected impact and will be negotiated with successful applicants
  • Projects may vary in size and scope, with proposed budgets up to $20,000 and a timeline not to exceed 12 months
  • Budgets must account for administration costs associated with functional costs centre management
  • Funding will be a one-time, non-renewable grant​


  • Principal applicants must be active members of the Young Leaders program with at least one principal applicant being ‘early to mid career’ (i.e., within 8 years from their terminal degree)
  • A majority of the applicants must be active or previous Young Leaders
  • Applications should focus on projects with a clear trajectory and are achievable within a 12 month funding period​


  • Full applications should be limited to no more than two (2) pages addressing the project, key deliverables, and clearly explain how various interdisciplinary team members will contribute to the expected outcome
  • Use the following format: 12-point Times New Roman font, single-spaced, 0.75 inch margins
  • A maximum of two (2) pages of figures can be appended
  • A budget should be justified, appended, and include necessary administration costs associated with Functional Cost Centre management
  • References not required
  • Top 3 selected applications will be invited to "pitch" their idea to the Princess Margaret Elders prior to final selection​

Application Process

Applications are closed for 2022/2023. Check back late 2023 for next year's Cancer Experience Challenge.

Submission is a two-step process requiring:​

Letter of interest (250 words)

Due Friday December 16th, 2022 at 5pm EST via email to Siba.Haykal@uhn.ca

Application submission

Full applications due Friday January 27th, 2023 at 5pm EST via email to Siba.Haykal@uhn.ca as a single PDF. 

​Late applications will not be accepted.​


Additional Information

Direct questions about funding opportunity details and eligibility to Siba.Haykal@uhn.ca, Meredith.Giuliani@rmp.uhn.ca. Direct questions about the application process to Siba.Haykal@uhn.ca.

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