Welcome to new members and congratulations to certificate recipients

Each year, new members are welcomed to the program and provided the opportunity to earn a certificate of participation.

To earn a certificate, members must:

  • complete a minimum of three of five eLearning modules, and
  • attend at least one of two intensive sessions within the calendar year
  • Members can stay in the program once they have earned their certificate and elect to graduate once they feel ready.

    Welcome New Members

    Welcome to those who joined throughout the year and those who have just joined this Summer.

    Congratulations to Certificate Recipients for 2019/2020

    In 2019/2020, 11 Young Leaders earned their certificate of participation in the program.

    • Harshita Jagadeesh
    • Alexandra Boasie
    • Jennifer Li
    • Karina Wong
    • Teresa Tang
    • Andrea Arruda
    • Leigh Conroy
    • Edward Taylor
    • Gilla Shapiro
    • Jeff Winter
    • Kevin Kuo

    Past Certificate Recipients

    2018/2019 Recipients​
    2017/2018 Recipients​
    2016/2017 Recipients​

    New Members of the 2020-2021 Cohort

    • ​Alison Waldbauer
    • Caroline McNamara
    • Courtny Vandervelde
    • Grainne O’Kane
    • Jennifer Li
    • Kelly Stevenson
    • Liesa Baumann
    • Matthew Venditelli
    • Mehvish Syed
    • Sheri Block
    • Teresa Tang
    • Tracy Murphy
    • Zeyad Al-Shaibani

    New Members of the 2019-2020 Cohort

    • ​Alexandra Boasie
    • Harshita Jagadeesh
    • Ian Tsui
    • Jeff Winter
    • Jillian Kuchard
    • Julie Gundry
    • Karina Wong
    • Kevin Kuo
    • Michelle Cleghorn
    • Srinivas Raman

    Congratulations 2018/2019 Certificate Recipients

    In 2018/2019, 31 Young Leaders earned their certificate of participation in the program.

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