Resources for Gynecological Oncology Chemotherapy and Radiation Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Program Patients in myUHN

​Your health care team may sign you up for a care plan while you are on chemotherapy and radiation at the same time (concurrent chemoradiation). The online care plan is called the Gynecological Oncology Chemotherapy and Radiation Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Program or Gyne ChemoRads RPM Program.

The program allows your healthcare team to track your symptoms every day during your treatment. By tracking your symptoms, your care team can quickly help you manage them if they become worse. Your team will also track any symptoms you may have for about 6 weeks after treatment ends. The total length of the program is about 12 weeks (or 3 months).

For your team to track your symptoms, you will need to use your myUHN Patient Portal account. You can access myUHN through an internet web browser (for example, Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge). You can also use the MyChart mobile app to access myUHN.

While you are in the program, you will get a questionnaire to fill out each weekday about your symptoms. This questionnaire will appear on your home page as a To Do daily task once you are logged into your myUHN Patient Portal. You will see the first questionnaire starting on the second day of the program.

This questionnaire is called Daily PROs (Patient Reported Outcomes). After you fill out the questionnaire, your healthcare team will check the questionnaire that day during regular clinic hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm). If your team is worried about your symptoms, they may follow up with you by phone.

While you are part of the program, you will get reminders. For example, you will get a reminder every day to complete your Daily PROs questionnaire. You can always make changes or turn off these reminders if you like.

Over the 12 weeks of the Gyne ChemoRads RPM Program, you will also be asked to complete up to seven other questionnaires. These questionnaires range in length from 1 to 24 questions. Completing the questionnaires you receive as myUHN tasks while you are on the program is optional. These questionnaires include:

  1. Health Score Questionnaire
  2. Health Utility Questionnaire
  3. Demographics Questionnaire
  4. Social Difficulties Inventory (SDI) Questionnaire
  5. Health Literacy Questionnaire
  6. Patient Feedback Questionnaire
  7. Post User Experience Questionnaire

These questionnaires are optional. You do not have to complete them if you do not want to. However, these questionnaires provide us with information and feedback to improve this program for you and others.

You can stop taking part in the program at any time. If you choose to stop the program before it ends, tell your health care team.

Additional Gynecological Oncology Concurrent Chemotherapy and Radiation Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Program

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